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27 Apr 2015


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Review by Frederick Barton (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 21 Jun 2012

There are many situations that result in data loss. You can simply press the Delete key by mistake, format the wrong partition or you may lose important files due to faulty hardware. This is why recovery tools are invaluable in such cases. Hetman Uneraser will not slow you down with a large number of options or complex features. It works exactly like a standard explorer window, but with options for restoring deleted files or creating and mounting disk images.

An average Internet connection is all you need to download Hetman Uneraser's setup kit within a few seconds. It works with both FAT and NTFS file systems, as well as removable devices. The system requirements are low and there are no advanced configurations to make before running the software.

If you know how to work in Windows Explorer, you will have no problems with Hetman Uneraser. It lets you explore your folders exactly the same way. When accessing a disk partition, the software will perform a quick analysis of your file system. Once you access the partition, you will find four virtual folders among your data. Erased data can be found right away in the Lost and Found folder.

If the Lost and Found folder does not contain the files your are looking for, you may access the Content Aware Analysis folder. When you open it, the software will perform a more thorough scan for lost files. Before scanning, you can select what type of files to look for. Hetman Uneraser will search for all deleted files or you can choose a specific format from a tree menu, where the file types are categorized in different folders.

Once the scan is started, you will be able to explore your erased files as usual. During this time, the software will constantly update the files list, so you may see new ones appearing suddenly. The scanning process can be stopped at any time and you can restore any data by clicking the Recovery option, located on the toolbar. It will bring up a wizard with step by step instructions for saving the files to the hard drive, burning it on a CD or DVD, creating an ISO image or uploading the files.

Alternatively, you may start the wizard directly, without navigating through your folders. It will perform the same type of scans, use the information from a previously performed analysis or start a new one and finally, it will take you through the same recovery options. Hetman Uneraser makes it possible to save an entire partition or part of it, as a disk image. You will have to go through a few options, on a separate window, which are very easy to understand. Creating an image may take some time, but you will have a backup for an entire partition.


Hetman Uneraser will find deleted data, without taking too long. It provides different scanning and analysis methods to ensure that erased files are found and recovered. Its interface is very similar to an explorer window, so you will not get lost in the functions it provides.


You can not recover any data with the trial version. Any erased files can be recovered, regardless of size or format, thanks to Hetman Uneraser's capabilities. Its familiar interface and ease of use permits anyone to recover lost data, without any difficulties.

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